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Welcome to our home on the web! This side of our web site is just for cancer survivors (if you have ever had a diagnosis of cancer – whether yesterday or 30 years ago – you are a survivor!) and those who care for and about them.

On the pages of this site you will find several “rooms,” each with its own special offerings. Take your time and explore the “Kitchen,” “Library” and “Meditation Room.”

Add your name and/or the names of those you would like all of us to pray for on the “Prayer Circle” page. We join you in prayer daily, praying for each and every person listed, bringing all of us together in our circle of non-denominational prayer.

Enjoy the world-famous Survivor Movie, have some laughs on the “Healing With Humor” page, explore the creative ideas on the “Healing Projects” page, visit the “Publications” page to subscribe to our free monthly and weekly publications (and to download current issues), and shop in our “Gift Shop” where you will find gift ideas for survivors and caregivers alike.

Regardless of our current medical status, those of us who have had a diagnosis of cancer and those who care for us must find a way to live the rest of our lives with grace, courage and joy. We believe The Cancer Crusade can help you do that, and we hope you will visit us often!

Again, welcome to The Cancer Crusade’s home on the web where we are devoted to “fighting cancer with hope and humor.”